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Community Programs


The Ballarat Health Services Community Programs actively support people in our community to live with dignity, independence and choice.
Services available include access to community nursing, case management, allied health, carer support, clinical expertise such as continence and palliative care, rehabilitation, assessment, education, personal and home care.


The Carers Recognition Act 2012 (the Act) came into effect on 1 July 2012. The Act has principles relating to carers, people being cared for, and people in care relationships. The principles are primarily about respect, recognition, support, consultation, health and well being, and ability of carers to participate in education and employment. The Act is accompanied by the Victorian charter supporting people in care relationships.

The Act is relevant for carers of older people, people with a mental illness, people with a disability, and people being cared for in a foster, kinship or permanent care arrangement. There are certain obligations in the Act for state government departments, local councils, and organisations funded to provide services and support to carers. These obligations include:

  • Promoting the principles in the Act to organisational staff
  • Promoting the principles in the Act to people in care relationships
  • Reflecting the principles in developing, providing or evaluating support and assistance for people in care relationships
  • Reporting annually on how obligations under the Act are being met, for example in a paragraph in an organisation's annual report.


Michelle Veal - Program Manager
Telephone: 03 5320 3876
Fax: 03 5320 3632