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Day Patients

The Perioperative and Day Procedure Unit is a specialised department of the hospital caring for patients who are waiting to go to the operating theatre on the same day as they come to hospital.

Someone may come with you to Day Procedure until you go to the operating theatre.

Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing. Bring a case for your glasses, slippers, dressing gown and a small bag to store your clothing while you are in theatre.

Please bring all your current medications with you on the day of your operation. Take your normal medication on the morning of the operation except for diabetic and anti-inflammatory drugs.

You will be unable to drive yourself home after surgery. A responsible adult must pick you up from the Perioperative and Day Procedure Unit and stay with you overnight.

Overnight and longer stay patients will be transferred to a hospital ward after surgery. Your belongings will be taken to the ward.

For more information please contact 5320 4000.