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The hospital offers a range of accommodation, including single rooms, double and four bed rooms. Each room has ensuite bathroom facilities.

Rooms are allocated on the basis of health need first and then health insurance status. As we have a limited number of single rooms, private patients may not be guaranteed access to a single room.

At times it may be necessary to have both men and women sharing a four bed ward, however single gender wards are our first choice and our best efforts will be to provide this.

While staff make every effort to keep noise to a minimum during rest periods and at night, the hospital can be a busy and noisy place. We recommend you bring in some ear plugs to help with rest and sleep.


Alcohol cannot be brought in to the hospital.

Allied health

The BHS allied health team consists of occupational therapy, speech pathology, physiotherapy, podiatry, prosthetics, orthotics, social work, dietetics and psychology.

Your needs will be assessed during your stay and members of this team may be involved in your treatment while you are in hospital and perhaps once you have left the hospital.

Appointing a guardian

You may wish to consider giving someone else permission to make decisions for you if illness prevents you making decisions for yourself.