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Maternity Outpatients

Maternity Booking Clinic and First Visit Clinic

Booking in: women are referred by their General Practitioner or obstetrician following confirmation of pregnancy. You will be contacted by the hospital with your appointment details. At this booking-in appointment information is provided on the services, facilities and models of care offered at Ballarat Health Services. An initial history will be taken and then you either be seen by a hospital doctor or return to your private obstetrician. During this first visit with the doctor, a decision will be made regarding your ongoing pregnancy care.

Several options or models of care are available. Booking sessions are held weekdays on the ground floor in the Maternity Outpatients Department.

Models of care

Maternity outpatient (antenatal) clinics
  • Public hospitals do not enable a choice of individual specialist.

Maternity Support Services:

  • Consultant medical clinics: These clinics provide pregnancy care if you have a high risk pregnancy or are returning from shared care with your GP. You will be seen by an obstetric doctor at every visit and a midwife or other relevant health care provider as required.
  • Antenatal Clinic Endocrinology: This is a muiltdisciplinary clinic run on Wednesday morning for women with endocrinology disorders, i.e. Gestational Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes or thyroid disorder. The clinic is a collaborative clinic with care provided by midwives, Obstetric and Endocrinology Consultants/Registrars, dietitians and Diabetic educators. Women are referred to this clinic through the consultant medical clinics or by their private Obstetricians.
  • Midwives Clinics: If you have a low risk pregnancy, midwives will provide all of your pregnancy care and refer you to an obstetric doctor as required.
  • Maternity Day Assessment Service: This service is provided if you have complications or risks in pregnancy that require a short admission for monitoring or assessment. The care is provided by obstetric doctors, a midwife and an ultrasonographer. It operates on either Monday, Tuesday or Thursday afternoons - you will notified of your appointment day and time.
  • Extended Postnatal Service (Domiciliary midwifery care - Domcare): Midwifery care is provided in your own home following the early days after discharge from hospital. This service is also available for babies going home from Special Care Nursery. ‘Domcare’ operates 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday from 9am - 4pm. All women are offered this free service.
  • Pregnancy Assessment Service/Labour Ward Triage: This service is for women that require additional assessment relating to pregnancy outside of their booked clinic appointments.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander [ATSI] - This service delivers dedicated midwifery care to ATSI women.

You may also be referred to the following services:

  • Anaesthetic clinic
  • Lactation Clinic
  • Diabetes Educator
  • Dietician
  • Primary care midwife Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
  • Primary Emotional Health program
  • Social worker
  • Vulnerable Families Innovation program


A phone text message will be sent to you approximately two days before your appointment is booked to remind you of your booked appointments. If you do not want this service please advise us.

For rescheduling or cancellation of appointments please contact Maternity Outpatients Clerks on 5320 4533 or 5320 6513

Contact Numbers

  • Maternity Outpatients Clerks - 5320 4533
  • Maternity Outpatients Coordinator - 5320 4820