Statewide Equipment Program

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State-wide equipment program

The State-wide equipment program (SWEP) provides people who have a permanent or long-term disability with subsidised aids, equipment, oxygen and continence and vehicle and home modifications.

SWEP aims to enhance the independence and safety of people with a disability in their own home, facilitate their participation in the community and support families and carers.

SWEP is a suite of programs funded by the Department of Human Services and administered by Ballarat Health Services.

SWEP incorporates the following programs:

  1. Aids and Equipment Program (A&EP)
  2. Supported Accommodation Equipment Assistance Scheme (SAEAS)
  3. Domiciliary Oxygen Program (DOP)
  4. Continence Aids (CA)
  5. Vehicle Modification Scheme (VWSS)

Visit the State-wide Equipment Program Website for more information