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Aged Community Mental Health Services

Aged Community Mental Health Services

The Aged Community Mental Health Service is a regional service with offices located in Ballarat, Ararat and Horsham. This is a community-focused team which provides specialist mental health services for people aged 65 years and over. It treats people with an existing mental disorder; those who develop a mental disorder later in life and those who have severe behavioural problems associated with dementia.

Local call

1300 661 323

24 hours a day

Seven days a week

Who can refer to Aged Mental Health Services?

Anyone may make a referral for themselves or someone they are concerned about.

What do Adult Mental Health Services provide?

  • Evidence based, family inclusive, biopsychosocial treatment within a recovery focus model
  • Phone advice or onward referral to other community agencies if required
  • Secondary consultation or education for community agencies
  • Interagency treatment planning.

 What can you expect from Adult Mental Health Services?

  • Regular appointments with a dedicated Treating Clinician and Consultant Psychiatrist.
  • A Clinical Treatment Plan that is based on individual needs and developed in collaboration with the client and family.
  • Consultant Psychiatrists will provide advice, in collaboration with your GP, on the best available medications for your mental health disorder.
  • Treating Clinicians will provide psychosocial interventions primarily within the framework of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other therapeutic approaches where necessary.

Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service

The Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service (DBMAS) Vic has been established to support carers and care workers of people with dementia who experience behaviours of concern that may impact on their care. DBMAS is an advice, assessment, intervention, education and specialised support service available 24 hours a day. Please contact us to find out more. Free call 1800 699 799.

DBMAS can assist:

  • Family and carers
  • Staff and volunteers of Australian Government funded aged care services
  • Other clinicians providing care (e.g. General Practitioners, residential aged care facilities).