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Acute Inpatient Unit

Acute Inpatient Unit

Adult Acute Unit (AAU)

The Adult Acute Unit is a 23 bed unit that provides short term inpatient management and treatment during an acute phase of mental illness.  Clients remain in the AAU until they have rec overed to the point where they can be treated effectively and safety in the community. 

The unit provides a range of therapeutic interventions and programs available to clients and their families to learn more about the impact of the illness, explore ways to better manage the illness, improve coping strategies and move towards recovery.

Eligibility: people aged 18—65 years  who are suffering a psychiatric illness which cannot  be managed at home.

Admission: usually after assessment by the Adult or Youth Community Mental Health teams.

Location: Sturt St, Ballarat (Base Hospital Site) 

Tel: 5320 4030

Fax: 5320 3599

Visiting hours: weekdays/weekends 10am to 8pm

The Adult Acute Unit is a non-smoking environment and clients, families and carers are asked not to bring in cigarettes or smoke on the hospital site.

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