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Can I use my private health insurance at a public hospital?

Yes. Your private health insurance is yours to use, so you can decide where and when to use it. You can use your private health insurance with us even if you have basic cover and you will be a private patient in a shared room.

As part of the Australian Health Care Agreement (2004) between the Commonwealth and State governments, the hospital must give you the option of being treated as a public or private patient upon admission.


How to use your private health insurance at Ballarat Health Services

For your elective admission from your specialist's rooms

For your elective admission, you will have already chosen your own specialist, and will have spoken with them in their own consulting rooms. They will have booked your admission at Ballarat Health Services. They will care for you during your stay with us, and we will assist you in making a post-operative appointment at your specialist's rooms.

For your admission from our Emergency Department (ED)

If you visit our Emergency Department and need to be admitted and you have a specialist in mind for your care, please tell the medical team in ED about your choice and they will contact your specialist for you. You will be admitted under the care of your chosen specialist.

If you don't have a specialist in mind, or your specialist is unavailable, you can choose to be cared for by the specialist on call at the time.

You can also choose to be admitted under the care of the specialist medical team at Ballarat Health Services - that is, a Consultant and a Registrar. This team will care for you, for the duration of your stay with us, and you will be admitted as a private patient under the care of that team.

It is important for you to know that this specialist team will also care for you if you are admitted outside normal business hours. This team will remain in charge of your care until they can personally hand your care over to your chosen specialist. You will still be admitted as a private patient.

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