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Private patient frequently asked questions

What if my private health insurance has an excess fee or co-payment?

Ballarat Health Services will pay all of the fees and excesses that you have on your policy, regardless of the total*.

What about the accounts that come when you use your private health insurance?

All the hospital accounts are sent to Medicare and your health fund. There may be circumstances where you receive an invoice following your stay from certain providers. If you are unsure about the account, please call the Private Patient Liaison Team on 5320 4214, we are here to help.

If I am admitted as a public patient, can I change to private?

Ask to see the Private Patient Liaison Officer, they can assist you to choose to be a private patient.

Follow-up appointment

When you are discharged, an Outpatients Department appointment will be made for your follow-up appointment, unless your chosen specialist wishes to see you in his or her private consulting rooms.

Will Ballarat Health Services be able to help me with the details and paperwork?

When you choose to come to Ballarat Health Services as a private patient, our team will be there from the start to assist you with all paperwork, admissions, details and claims. We take care of everything for you, so that you can concentrate on your recovery.

*Exclusions to "No out of pocket expenses". Please note that there may be private patients who need an MRI. This equipment is not ownedand operated by Ballarat Health Services; this meansthat there will be an added expense if an MRI is required.A small pharmacy fee is paid by all patients for discharge medication.