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Private-to-pay patients

It is possible to access the benefits of private healthcare even if you do not have private health insurance. You must have your own specialist to care for you during your stay with us, if you are a private-to-pay patient.

Should you choose to be a private-to-pay patient, you will pay the full cost for private patient privileges over the duration of your stay.

As a private-to-pay patient you are required to pay an estimated cost of your procedure two weeks prior to your admission and before you can complete the booking process.

These estimated costs are based on the average length of stay for a procedure of each type and the cost of any prostheses that may be used by your specialist for your procedure. Not all procedures require prostheses; please check with your doctor. There are many prostheses types, they range from small to very large, and potentially very expensive items.

There may be additional costs associated with your stay, such as the cost for pathology, radiology or MRI (but there could be others) and they will be invoiced and forwarded to you for payment after your discharge.

To obtain an estimate for your intended stay, please phone the Private Patient Liaison Officer on 03 53204214 or 0427 574 690 or email on

Private-to-pay Frequency Asked Questions