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How to refer

How to refer

Anyone can contact Ballarat Health Service Mental Health Service if they are worried about their own changes in mood, ideas or behaviour, or someone else living in the region.

If you want to make a referral please call:


1300 661 323

24 hours a day, seven days a week

Local call cost

 For urgent issues requiring an emergency response please call

Police - 000 Ambulance - 000


What will happen

A mental health clinician is available at all times. The clinician will conduct a preliminary assessment of whether the person referred is likely to have a mental illness or disorder and the nature and urgency of the response required.

The clinician will usually ask for permission to contact other people such as the GP, immediate family and other agencies that have been providing services to you or the person you care about. Sometimes there may be other services that may be more useful to you or the person you care about than the mental health service, such as a local doctor, counsellor or community agency. If so, the duty worker will assist you to access these services.

The duty worker will let you know whether further contact with the mental health service is needed and will provide you with information about ongoing assessment, treatment and care.

If Ballarat Health Services - Mental Health Services is not the most suitable option for the person, they may be referred to another organisation or given other advice.