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Operating Theatre - Surgery

Some things to know if you are having surgery

SurgeryIt is important to tell us before the day of surgery if you have any allergies.

You will be told what time you are to stop eating and drinking before surgery. You can discuss with your doctor if you are able to take your usual medications.

Please remember to bring in any X-Rays as well as your consent form.

When you get to the ward you will be seen by one of the doctors before your surgery. This is an opportunity to have any questions answered.

You will walk into the Operating Suite unless you are not able to walk. As you will be wearing a hospital gown you should have a dressing gown or other garment to keep you warm, and we recommend that you wear comfortable shoes or slippers.

Unfortunately there are times when events such as emergencies may cause your surgery to be postponed until another time. If this occurs, we will give you as much notice as we can.

If you are having day surgery, please come to the Day Procedure Unit on level 1 of the wards building.

Consent for procedure

You will be asked to sign a Consent for Procedure if you are having an operation or medical procedure.

This will usually be before you come into hospital. A doctor will explain the medical treatment, operation or procedure that you may need. It is important that you understand what the doctor has said so that you can make a decision about your treatment that you are comfortable with.

It may be helpful to have a family member or friend with you when you speak with the doctor. If you have any concerns about what has been explained to you, please ask the doctor or a member of the nursing staff so that further discussions can take place. In most situations, you have the right to refuse treatment during your admission.